paris musings – the parks

Paris Parks

Now parks I can talk about! And I recommend visiting parks to young and old alike. This is a perfect way to burn off five year old energy as well as allow for some head clearning of one’s own… providing you leave the phone in the bag!

Parc des buttes-chaumont – I love this park. It’d definitely my favorite, even though I still cant prounce it properly. It’s really beautiful with mutiple levels and paths to meander through. Up in that neighborhood I have also really enjoyed Aux Petit Joueurs for live music (usually starts 9pm).

The jardin d’acclimatation – whilst child centric (which is good for me), I think it’s great for adults too. it’ does have a entry fee of 3 euros to get in, but it is charming to walk around and has several different cafe/restaurants for a nice bruch. In case you’re feeling the need for viewing some contemporary art, or walking round a Frank Ghery builiding, it’s right next to the Louis Vuitton Foundation …and if you enter the park from this location, you manage to avoid walking through the fairground attractions, getting to enjoy the park and free play areas before getting sucked in to the frenzy and losing all your money on the rides. (I normally limit this with saying we only have X number of tickets so choices will have to be made, but I always make sure we have ticket left over for the swings that I particularly like!)

Of course you’re right next to the Bois de Boulogne so you can have a lovely walk, go rowing, cycling or pony ride then get the little boat over the lake and go to the Le Chalet des Iles restaurant.

Jardin du Luxemborg is lovely, with multiple activities for little ones including the boating pond, pony rides, ice-cream stands, puppet shows, pedal karts,  but you have to pay 3euros to get in the kids play area. I have enjoyed a very lovely evening concert with friends there aswell.IMG_5771_2

Jardin Des Tuileries  –  next to the Jeu de Paum and the Louvre – offer trampolines, pony rides, playgrounds and just a really nice place to relax. Beautiful   tree lined promenades, statues and modern sculptures are scatterd around.

Parc Andre Citroen  –  I dont imagine this as a destination park, but more frequented by the locals. It’s quite flat and runs to the Seine, however, I always find something new that I havent noticed before. With a mixture of foliage and concrete, postmodern industrial landscaping, it’s also got a tethered balloon that we’ve been up in and you get a good view of Paris.

IMG_5757 (1)Parc MontSouris on the southern border of Paris, was opened in 1869, and is one of the four large urban public parks created by Emperor Napoleon III and his Prefect of the Seine, Baron Haussmann, at each of the points of the compass around the city, in order to provide green space and recreation for the rapidly growing population of Paris. It was apparently designed as an English landscape garden. Like the other parks, it has a lake and wide sloping lawns.

There are many other parks that we have frequented, but these are the highlights. I may add more at a later date, but for now, I think you’ll have your fill of greens for a while with these!



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