paris musings – rules of the road

Parisian rules of the road. There are none. Or should I say, there maybe, but they seem discretionary.


paris musings – the locksmith

There are times when I feel literally overloaded with thoughts… what I need to do, what I need to remember to do, for home, for work, for school; what I want to do, what time is it, am I on time, or not… usually the latter…. and it means that not everything happens as it … Continue reading paris musings – the locksmith

paris music – joe jackson

What the hell is wrong with you tonight? Not much! What a great show by Mr. Jackson, Teddy Kumpel, Graham Maby and Doug Yowell. Despite obviously having the bug that I think everyone in Paris seems to have, with discrete coughing between songs and a slightly nasal voice when talking in his most charming broken … Continue reading paris music – joe jackson

musical musing – love songs

In no particular order, though I admit, The Only Ones have a special place in my heart! Number 18 added per the insistance of S. 🙂 enjoy The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet Johnny Thunders – I Love You Blondie – X-Offender Flaming Groovies – Shake Some Action The Only Ones – The Whole of … Continue reading musical musing – love songs

life musings – dogs and bones

Sam would often head-butt my leg whilst growling through his teeth, tightly clenched around a stick. If I moved, even slightly, to take hold of the stick, he would quickly pull away, before coming at me again. His head thrashing side to side, ears flopping, and tail wagging. I would grab hold, usually of a … Continue reading life musings – dogs and bones

paris musings – the flood

January 15th, 2014. We had been in Paris for 8 weeks. The apartment was finally getting some order to it; items had been assigned to rooms, pictures we slowly finding homes on walls. We had upgraded from a 1-bedroom apartment in NY to the luxury of a 2-bedroom apartment in Paris, however, S. had decided his … Continue reading paris musings – the flood