life musings – dogs and bones

Sam would often head-butt my leg whilst growling through his teeth, tightly clenched around a stick. If I moved, even slightly, to take hold of the stick, he would quickly pull away, before coming at me again. His head thrashing side to side, ears flopping, and tail wagging. I would grab hold, usually of a drool covered end, and yank and yank, and pull him up so high his hind legs would raise off the ground, and would he let go? No. Eventually I would feign disinterest and as he let go of the stick, I would lurch forward, swipe it away and then throw it as far as I could, Sam running joyfully after the ever shrinking stick, that he would catch, chew, and bring back to repeat the whole routine again.

As the evening wore on and the wine flowed, loosening tongues, I watched with fascination as Pierre relentlessly pursued our friend! It reminded me of myself, with a few glasses of wine warming my belly, the inability to let go of certain conversation points, feeling that either people were not understanding what I was saying, or that they were missing the point, or that they were not responding the way that I either wanted or expected.

Pierre, who also seems to get a certain amount of pleasure out of teasing (or torturing) his friends wife, just would not stop. Knowing that he was winding her up royally, he kept going and going, asking her the same thing over and over again, in different ways, trying to explain his reason for, what seemed more like an attack rather than genuine interest at some points, as “conversation”. Throwing up his hands up in the air he exclaimed “Alright, we wont talk about this, let’s talk about what ever you want to. YOU pick a topic”.

“Oh, I don’t know what to talk about! ” came her reply.

Leaping out of his chair, he charged at the book shelf and produced the “Century” trivia book . Thrusting it at her, he demanded “Find something!” Her husband, watching with an inane grin while nursing a tumbler of scotch, finally chipped in, “Let’s talk about the benefits and disadvantages of traveling across the alps in pajama bottoms.”

And we moved on to the Gods of Travel and Genish which then led us to Buddha’s and their various depictions.

I used to consider Pierre so black and white in his point of view, that he neither accepted nor tolerated shades of gray. Now I know he sees multiple points of view and our conversations demonstrate his broad awareness, knowledge and openness to exploring all and any subject and issue. Though still quite entertaining, full of informed points, and with some semblance of a logical path, after several glasses of wine, the discussions still tend to become more aggressive, less open.

Too little wine, not enough truth?
Too much wine, not enough of anything!!



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