never talk about politics

Breaking the cardinal rule… but the shameful show of our politicians in 2016, in the UK for “Le Brexit” and in the US for Trump vs. Clinton, it really is hard not to say something… maybe that could be the silver lining for this farce – people have actually gotten a little more interested in politics.. but I still fear for the consequences. A base line set so low now, a cat-fat, use of personal attacks and inflammatory statements…
To clarify, I am NOT a trump supporter in anyway shape or form, AND I think sexual abuse/exploitation is a real problem in general, but I am -sadly- not surprised by his bawdy boastful locker room talk, nor even his actions… I’m surprised that we’re surprised. What bothers me is that the campaign has move so far away from the actual issues of running a country, and have turn into a slinging match of character appropriateness because of sexually inappropriate talk, sexual exploitation, and men trying it on with women. Again, not to condone it – but this is (unfortunately) a prevalent challenge in modern society interaction, and I don’t think it is where the debate should focus. There’s a holier-than-thou nod to Victorian values, chastity belts and you’ll go blind if you masterbate or even think such thoughts… Have you never had an “inappropriate” thought, have you never made a comment that could be taken as inappropriate? Have you never done something you regret (maybe not, but then hey, Mr. you’re a better man than I!)
In a world of sexually charged music videos, child beauty pageant contests, TV programs, films, ads of men’s groins in tight undies, quivering lips, and oh so much spicy flesh, 20 year old girls marrying 70 year old men “for love”, money/power marriages, mini skirts and shorts so short that you can see butt cheeks (and much more if you’re behind them walking up the subways steps), low cut tops with cleavage pushed to the max, pop culture and psychologist touting men think with their dicks and women with their hearts, women want dominant male providers – of course, it’s a biological predisposition – men are the protectors (think of the big male gorillas or lions) women want to be provided for… I don’t know – it’s a REALLY complicated area… I don’t even know what I think about it all… I want to wear what I want, it’s my right! freedom of expression and all, and if I wear revealing clothes, or I act in a friendly, or somewhat flirtatious manner, it does NOT mean that I want sex… And yes, I have been inappropriately touched and taken advantage of, and it really hurts, and it is an abuse, and it’s a real shame, but I think most women – and a lot of men – could point to a time when they have been taken advantage of. It’s a complicated blurry line…with or without alcohol! But that’s a whole different discussion. What we are really talking about is whether or not Trump is fit for presidency…and I say NO.
He is a business man, who openly says it’s all about “winning the deal”. But Presidency is not a business game, it is about running, leading, inspiring, representing our SOCIETY and our Country. I have seen little evidence pointing his care for the people, nor about his experience in real life politics of government, or war.
He certainly doesn’t have any indication of cultural sensitivity – he’d need a fleet of trainers to tell him how to act appropriately in other countries; he will exploit what ever situation he can to his advantage -whether it’s women (they want it) or business, saying it’s good business.
He is all about money and power, and I think he wants to be in the White House, not to do a job, but to say that he was in the White House, he thinks he’s king of the world, or the animal kingdom, he’s the type of man that would make the US dollar print his portrait on the currency, he would have “TRUMPS in the White House” turned in to a reality TV show to rival The Kardashians.
He may be a “good” business man, he may “love” women, but he doesn’t have the experience, predisposition, nor the character to be our president.
– I do not believe he cares about being an inspiration to the people, he cares about himself, power and money
– I do not believe he stands for the highest values and ideals of the country – he doesn’t even pay his taxes and thinks this demonstrated good business acumen
– I do not believe he is “a living symbol of the country” – his is a living symbol of himself
– I do not believe he would treat being president as a great honor, but as a notch on his belt
– I do not believe he understands how the laws of the US should be enforced – my way or the highway.
– I dread to think of a frat boy as responsible for the US armed forces. This is not a game, this is WAR with real lives involved.
-I do not believe he would be a “Guardian of the economy” – more like guardian of his own economy…
But the government (theoretically) reflects the people, We The People are casting the vote… What does it say about the America we have created, and the America we want if he supported…

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