london theatre – the book of mormon

BookOfMormon.JPGWhat to do when foot loose and fancy free in London…. go see The Book of Mormon!

Last minute ticket purchase put me in the center, six rows from the stage (thank goodness as I had left my glasses at the hotel). What a great show!

Very fast, funny, clever lyrics – I’d expect nothing less from Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park writers)…songwriter Robert Lopez provided some classic musical bedding for the songs; impressive staging/set design by Scott Pask, combined with the costume magic of Ann Roth, and just wonderful direction and seamless choreography by Casey Nicholaw. I particularly loved the nightmare sequence, but each song had so many subtle and surprising elements, I feel I need to go back again just to try and figure out how the all the costume transformations happened.

I remembering passing through Salt Lake City in 1997 with my best friend, meeting up with her sister for a fun-filled week of camping, hiking, driving around Utah, Arizona, Colorado…but that’s another muse. We visited the Mormon Church, and had a tour around the Mormon museum…I must say, I found it fascinating but from an incredulous point of view.  The play touches many themes…faith and doubt, and the story telling aspect of the bible. Right and wrong, good and evil, love and hate, alone together, the seven deadly sins, all these teachings are shared with our children through stories and parables….why do we insist on saying that the bible stories are the truth?

Stereotypes, parodies, mocking, spoofing, referencing, borrowing….from the world around us as well as the wonderful Broadway shows and musicals of the past, combine to make a slightly irreverent, most entertaining, and ultimately optimistic show.